# File Conversion API

Fast and reliable API to convert many file formats.


Register now (opens new window) and get started with 1000 free API credits. You'll find everything needed for implementation in our API Documentation.

# Supported File Formats

Currently we are supporting the following file formats. We are working on extending to more file formats in the near future.

Convert From Convert To
doc odt, pdf, txt
docx odt, pdf, txt
odt docx, pdf, txt
xls pdf
xlsx pdf
ods pdf

# Pricing

We don't offer any monthly plans with a fixed rate or limit you in any other way. Instead we are using API credits and you can purchase any many API credits as you need. You find more information about how our billing works in our billing guide.

After registering and activating the File Conversion API, you'll get 1000 free credits to get started implementing right away.

The following API credit packages are available. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you need more API credits.

Credits Package Price Price per Request
1.000 50,00 € 0,05 €
5.000 200,00 € 0,04 €
10.000 300,00 € 0,03 €
100.000 2.000,00 € 0,02 €
500.000 3.500,00 € 0,007 €

* All prices shown are net and exclude the statutory VAT applicable at the time.